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Working at the forefront of behavioural change communication for over 25 years, SCL has evolved into a multi-disciplined group of behavioural research and communications agencies.

SCL Group is the global leader in data-driven communications. We tailor our services to individual client needs, from advanced data analytics to on-the-ground audience engagement and contact strategies.



We know the most successful campaigns are supported by detailed research that reveals key information about consumers, clients or voters, the things they care about and what drives their behaviour.


We combine technology with cutting-edge scientific research to produce insight by analysing data from a range of sources so we can discover and understand crucial information flows and connections.


We don't guess, we analyse and let the data drive how we craft our strategies to drive behavioral change. We will devise a clear robust strategy that engages your audience in the right place and in the right way.


We offer advanced data analysis, monitoring and management using world-leading technologies for maximum reliability and efficiency. We can implement scalable data infrastructures to streamline your communications and outreach.


We are internationally recognised for our ability to deliver a strategic communications campaign from initial inception through research to the end goals desired by our clients.


Our experienced staff know the pressures of a campaign and have the resolve to get results. We can ensure the smooth running of campaigns by anticipating problems and preparing solutions.

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Key staff
Staff-Anije Lambert

Anije Lambert

Head of SCL Guyana

Founder and Director Anije Lambert is a social researcher at heart, with her main focus being on the areas of Human Resource Management and Research Methodologies. She is the holder of a Bachelors Degree in Sociology (Hons) from the University of Guyana. Anije has a plethora of experience in the areas of Data Collection, Data Analysis and Data Management and has worked in managerial positions and consulted with a range of International Research Companies.

As a consultant, Anije was given the opportunity to work alongside and coordinate research projects for clients such as IPSOS, Coca-Cola, Public Ministries, Financial Institutions, and other Non- Governmental Agencies. In her spare time, Anije enjoys working on new research based on youth development, blogging on leadership and entrepreneurship, volunteering and food tasting.

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