We are a world leader in collecting and managing structured and unstructured data. We work with client-provided data sets or information we capture for you, even in hostile environments. Data management is the backbone of our practice. Data de-duplication, cleansing, normalization, tagging, and segmentation are tasks we approach meticulously to ensure quality and accuracy.


We extract value from data, narrowing sizeable data sets to meaningful audience segments and reducing the time and money spent to reach these audiences. We are differentiated by our advanced and proprietary analytics. Using psychographic profiles and project-driven custom models, we are able to offer far more insight than standard statistical analytics approaches.


We are highly experienced in managing relationships with target audiences using an array of tools: traditional communication channels, such as TV, radio, print, public relations and direct marketing; highly targeted channels such as social media; and indirect channels such as third party endorsements and network affiliations. Every campaign is measured and evaluated: we execute a truly quantifiable approach to engagement, which ensures maximum efficiency of spending.


People based programs are becoming more accountable to government agencies and financial decision makers. It is no longer enough to deliver an advertising campaign or a recruitment marketing program, without being able to demonstrate that it was effective for the audience. We use advanced assessment metrics (based on audience metrics, not program performance metrics) to demonstrate the effectiveness of programs at the audience level.