Services / Research
From identifying the target audience for a campaign to establishing the key behaviour triggers and filters and deploying on-the-ground teams, we collect a lot of information.
All of SCL’s work is research-led, and typically falls in two stages – the first concentrating on quantitative data and the second on deeper, more qualitative investigation:

SCL specialists train and collaborate with local researchers who help us gather data, and give us access to places and build relationships with people who might otherwise be unwilling or unable to share their views. Once the preliminary quantitative data has been gathered it is sent to SCL Social’s head offices in London where, working together with The Behavioural Dynamics Institute, our initial findings are then used to inform the next phase of research, focussing on qualitative investigation and target audience analysis.

Throughout the whole research phase baseline measurements of existing behaviours establish benchmarks that help with message resonance testing and inform later campaign strategies. By combining qualitative and quantitative research and applying the BDi’s behavioural methodologies, we can deliver unparalleled insight into the motivations and actions of target groups and accurately predict likely responses to particular subjects and methods of communication.

Head office

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