We are a behavioural research and communications agency, committed to delivering lasting and measurable social change around the world.
Key Services

SCL Social understands the challenges of modern social communication programmes. Since 2009 we have delivered social projects across Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, combining rigorous on the ground research with advanced audience profiling methodologies developed by the Behavioural Dynamics Institute.

The BDi’s audience targeting techniques have been used within the commercial, political and defence sectors for 25 years and today help SCL Social to identify the group motivations, reward structures and channels of communication that are key to developing effective communication strategies.

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SCL Social’s communication strategies and campaigns have helped communities around the world achieve lasting change. We know that real change comes from real people, so we work to engage and encourage community involvement by creating grassroots outreach networks on local and national levels.

We work with our partners every step of the way, from helping to organize and deploy field teams to measuring campaign impact and effectiveness throughout an engagement programme’s lifetime. This approach provides invaluable insight and the flexibility to evolve and refine campaigns in real time.

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