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Our decades of experience has taught us that in the run up to a successful election you must have a clear robust strategy that engages your audience in the right place and in the right way.
As the world leader in Target Audience Analysis, we offer our clients unique insight into the public’s perception of a given political party or candidate, as well as the primary behavioural triggers that form the basis for voter decision-making. Target Audience Analysis enables us to correctly identify and then target key audience groups with the right messages, delivered via the right source, using the right channel. It is this that makes Target Audience Analysis the most powerful electoral effects-based tool available. Drawing on understanding obtained from academia and the practical execution of electoral campaigns, SCL is perhaps the only organisation that applies a true scientific methodology to the sometimes esoteric sphere of voting. Combining all the research and analysis into a strategy which guides resource deployment and message development is a process SCL have demonstrated to be world leaders in.
Voter dynamics
In order to influence a group of people it’s important to understand the dynamics that control their interactions with each other and identify key thought leaders and behaviour influencers.
Voter motivation
At SCL we understand how powerful motivation can be. Whether it is concerned with uniting common enemies or establishing reward structures, we can help you move people to action.
Voter messaging
The most effective messaging puts the audience’s needs first. We can help you create engagement campaigns that align your platform with the interests and concerns of voters.
Timeline creation
We have extensive experience of developing delivery timelines for central and supporting messaging strategies. We know when to put the right message in front of the right person.
Policy & manifesto guidance
SCL’s political analysts can guide policy formulation and manifesto development, using the results of our research to create documents and platforms that appeal to key voter groups.

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