Services /Infrastructure
SCL can help you develop the flexibility and dynamism to win.
The gathering of resources and their subsequent allocation must be planned in such a way as to maximise their effectiveness. Careful preparation ensures that time and money are not wasted and that limited reserves are wisely exploited. SCL is adept at helping candidates to organize their campaigns and orientating them to meet the electoral challenges of their constituency. Our staff have worked at all levels of the campaign hierarchy and provided actionable solutions and bespoke advice across multiple elections. SCL is fully equipped to offer advice from the earliest stages of campaign inception, through planning and into the execution of the final voting phase. From party membership cards and the database behind them to roadshows and all the operations to enable them, SCL have the skills and expertise to develop the products and events to engage your supporters and wow the electorate.
Capacity building
We can help clients develop and source the skills and capabilities required to effectively implement the strategies and recommendations produced by our research and analysis.
Party organisation
A modern party needs to be flexible and dynamic to win competitive elections. Our campaign specialists can isolate structural improvements and strategies to assist party growth at all levels.
Voter ID & database
Gathering information about your supporters is the first step in harnessing their commitment to volunteer, donate and vote for you. Our enhanced databases can store all the data you need.
Data management
SCL Elections can help you organise the data you already hold, gather the data you need and use all of it strategically to help your teams, whether they’re in campaign HQ or working on the ground.
Operation centres
Having all campaign operations, data analysis and media monitoring in a single location can greatly improve campaign efficiency. We can help build op centres that suit individual campaign needs.
The security of staff, premises, and data is paramount during a campaign. SCL Elections work with security providers to ensure that all campaign assets are suitably protected from potential attack.
Roadshow vehicles
Roadshows are a major asset when engaging widespread communities. We can provide vehicles ranging from small speaking platforms to full-scale convoys of tour buses and show vehicles.
SCL Elections’ integrated campaign management tool, SCL Connect, gives you the power to explore datasets and oversee your whole campaign, from managing staff to engaging with voters, in real time.

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