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We have been internationally recognised for our ability to deliver a communications campaign from initial inception to victory address.
Control your campaign narrative and engage the public with well organised events and communication strategies that entertain and educate. SCL has been involved with the formulation and application of electoral messages in dozens of campaigns over the last two decades. Our team of creative staff are adept at designing compelling messages that connect the ideals and interests of voters to the objectives of our political clients. Candidates in any situation rely on an ability to communicate with the electorate and have their messages resonate with voters. Messaging in this sense is a nuanced process whereby the messages themselves, the audiences they address and indeed, the avenues via which they are delivered must be carefully considered for maximum effect. The complexity of the modern communicative space, in combination with the fact that campaign messages are subject to critique from opponents, means that the output of a campaign cannot simply be delivered on an ad-hoc basis but must be systematically planned and professionally delivered. The media is changing and the way campaigns and candidates need to engage with it is unrecognisable compared to a generation ago. SCL have world leaders in media and reputation management skilled at shaping the narrative both domestically and internationally to give your campaign the winning edge.
Bold visual identities can be created for campaigns using dynamic branding, which can then be disseminated to the public via marketing collateral and merchandise, from t-shirts to bumper stickers.
Targeted messaging
By understanding the motivations and needs of your electorate you can create messages that directly address their concerns and win them over to your campaign and policy platform.
Online voter engagement and community building can help spread your message beyond the limits of traditional campaigns and empower previously unrepresented groups of voters.
Press & PR
The online presence of campaigns can be enhanced through dedicated websites and social pages, advertising campaigns and profile building via search engine optimisation and targeted outreach.
Media training
Modern political campaigns take place across multiple platforms and attract diverse audiences. We can train your campaign team to always present its best side to the media and the public.
Counter operations
Campaigns can be designed that demonstrate the weaknesses and negative personality traits of the opposition in a way that highlights their failings without appearing overly aggressive.

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