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We combine technology with cutting edge scientific research to produce insight by analysing data from a range of sources so we can discover and understand crucial information flows and connections.
Great campaigns must always be built on a solid knowledge of the conditions in a candidate’s nation or district. Attempting to marshal a complex campaign without a deep understanding of the prevailing social, economic and political dynamics of a region is for many candidates a recipe for failure. SCL not only takes its analytics capacity far beyond that of most firms, our deep theoretical base allows us to form the most accurate constructs for measurement. We use specialist laboratories, advanced supercomputing, and artificial intelligence to extract the maximum insights from our data. SCL believes that the predictive power of data is best uncovered in an organic, holistic person-rooted procedure, to this end we also incorporate physio-lingual analysis tools to uncover subconscious participant reasoning. Because of our deep wealth of experience built up over two decades of active political campaigning in all parts of the world SCL are world leaders at analysing party structures. We can leverage this understanding to streamline your organisation and create a fighting fit party structure.
Behavioural Microtargeting™
Use advanced data analytics to identify groups of voters who share demographics, political beliefs and lifestyle, and use this insight to create unique messages designed to resonate with them.
Target Audience Analysis (TAA)
As the world leader in Target Audience Analysis (TAA), we offer our clients unparalleled insight into public political opinions and unique recommendations for targeted voter engagement.
Media monitoring
Media monitoring allows campaign teams to harness real-time streams of information across print, digital and broadcast media platforms both in-country and on an international scale.
Party audit
Party audits are useful for assessing campaign readiness and resource allocation in order to accurately measure capacity building needs and identify potential strengths and weaknesses.
Communication management
By gathering detailed information about the hierarchies within voter groups and political parties we can create efficient top-down and bottom-up message distribution systems.
Tracking polls
Ongoing real-time analysis of voter opinion and engagement with campaign candidates and issues in order to provide structured recommendations for refining communication strategies.

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