As the premier election management agency and the only one working on the basis of a scientific methodology, SCL Elections knows what it takes to win political campaigns.
In an election setting, contact with the public and the formation of policy is often executed without fully taking into consideration key audiences, and certainly not by means of extensive measurement driven data science. Without such research campaigns can represent little more than educated guesses as to what is likely to influence the electorate. In reality voter’s views are informed by a complex mix of psychological, historical, political, cultural and religious factors, all of which can be vigorously analysed.
SCL Elections has unrivalled experience in delivering campaign success via measurable behavioural change. Our staff has worked for more than 20 years on over 100 campaigns in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.
As a company we offer a fully comprehensive package of Election Services, ranging from advanced electoral polling, audience research and behavioural analysis, through to a full electoral campaign management solution including operational tools and in-country advisory services.
Unlike commercial PR agencies and advertising firms, SCL uses advanced scientific and social analysis techniques to better understand behaviour within electoral populations. Our unique, measurable and effects-based methodology enables us to understand how people think and to identify what it would take to change their mindsets and associated voting patterns. This capacity is one that is exclusive to SCL.
In every case SCL Elections carefully analyses client requirements and provides a bespoke solution combining local knowledge with our expertise and technical know-how.
"In today’s vastly more complex and information-rich world, every politician and political party understands that unless the election is going to be a landslide, ultimate victory lies not just in mobilising their own voters, but in realising the swing: and to do this, having access to, and timely management of, vast quantities of the right kind of voter data is absolutely critical. "
Alexander Nix, Managing Director

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