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Correct deployment of the Behavioural Dynamics methodology by trained practitioners ensures four critical outcomes:
  • The precise identification of optimal Target Audiences
  • A measurement of the degree of difficulty or influenceability of an audience.
  • Determines how best to influence an audience.
  • Produces the communications or triggers that will effectively and measurably change an audience’s behaviour.
Consequently, the BDi methodology for Strategic Communication is an essential tool for any modern-day communication or influence effort.

Instruction in the full BDi Methodology traditionally has been conducted in 60 Sessions, most lasting 2.5 to 3 hours. Lectures combined with illustrative case studies and participatory workshops of increasing complexity, all of which are necessary components to enable students to internalise the taught material. The course content can be delivered in a variety of ways
Six-Week Course
The aim of the intensive course is to provide the theoretical foundations, the practical tools, hands-on experience and confidence needed for students to successfully implement the Methodology. The 180 hours of course material are arranged as two morning and afternoon sessions each day for the duration of six weeks.
Standard Course
The Standard Course is taught in 4-6 teaching hours per week spread over 30 weeks. An initial Foundation Course, comprised of the initial three weeks of the Intensive Course, is followed by a second, Practical Course which is one semester in duration and allows students to complete case studies in between taught sessions and present and discuss their findings.
Decision Makers Course
The first week of teaching can be modified and taught separately to decision makers who need to become conversant in the Methodology. This course can be adapted to a course that demonstrates the utility and diverse application of the Methodology so that policy makers can understand how TAA and the Methodology can improve the communication of their organisation.
Primer Course for Practitioners
The initial five weeks of teaching can be compressed into two weeks of teaching aimed to improve the methods of current strategic communication practitioners. A familiarity with the nuts and bolts of the Methodology is highly instructive for those seeking to improve their communication practices. Whilst not attaining the depth provided in the Intensive Course, this Practitioner Course aims to illustrate where the Methodology can tie in to current practice.

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