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SCL Defence has been providing governments and their militaries with defence and homeland security solutions on an individual basis for over 18 years. In 2005, however, the division was formalised and its proven methodologies and track-record were launched into the general defence market at the world’s largest tri-service defence fair: DSEi.
For this event SCL built a full-scale Operations Centre (OpCentre) to demonstrate to the world’s militaries how the changing face of warfare could be effectively managed on a national and international scale from a single information operations control room – providing you have the right technology, methodology and know-how.

Foreign militaries have been quick to embrace this new thinking and, consequently, today SCL Defence is the largest operating division of the SCL group, providing communication training, consultancy, infrastructure and capability advice, and strategic communication campaigns for militaries all over the world.

With offices worldwide, SCL Defence is well positioned to rapidly deploy its staff to crisis centres and conflict zones, and to manage campaigns with a high degree of local knowledge and cultural sensitivity. However, in order to ensure efficacy, SCL Defence always partners with local experts on every contract and employs local researchers to assist in gathering data. SCL Defence sets out to understand empirically what the right levers or ‘triggers and filters’ in a given population are, based on a penetrating psychological understanding. We then apply our findings to behavioural change programmes and psychological operations with a quantifiable and tangible Measure of Effectiveness.

SCL Defence is expert in understanding how to apply influence. As the Clausewitzian premise has it, “conflict is a clash of wills”. We aim to verifiably uncover what the underlying motivating factors are, the psycho-geography behind this will.

Armed with profound psychological insight we apply our Methodology to change the behavior of individuals, groups and even governments by confronting or reorienting the existing behavioural misalignment.

We believe that peace ultimately cannot be imposed at the barrel of a gun but instead by the consent of the majority of people. Very simply, our métier is winning this consent.
AB-Target Audience Analysis
Audience-Based TAA (AB-TAA) is the process of understanding groups within populations and determining how to communicate with them effectively in order to induce behavioural change. This systematic study of people is considered the bedrock that underpins successful Strategic Communication Campaigns.
Social and Cultural Intelligence
Conducting operations in a foreign country without understanding the social and cultural subtleties will result in a wasteful, clumsy and lengthy process that is unlikely to succeed. Understanding human behaviour is critical, and SCL’s experience in conducting Strategic Communication Campaigns across five continents, coupled with an extensive network of contacts (that includes subject matter experts and local people) puts SCL at the forefront of such understanding.
Audience Based Measures of Effectiveness
Audience-Based Measure of Effectiveness (AB-MOE) is an evaluation framework specialised for gauging the degree to which a behavioural influence campaign has achieved its objectives. Audience data collected before and after an intervention has occurred enables SCL to measure the overall effectiveness of a Strategic Communication Campaign designed to influence a specific behaviour.
Key Leader Engagement
Effective Key Leader Engagement (KLE) has been described as ‘the greatest weapon’ in counter-insurgency measures. SCL can establish productive relationships with important officials and influential individuals who know and understand the local human terrain. Successful implementation of KLE can improve the security situation, increase popular support and ultimately play a part in inducing behavioural change.
Quick Looks
Quick Looks are purely qualitative reports that can help analysts and researchers conceptualise their ideas and guide further research. Typically they will cover a specific problem space or behaviour and provide a brief, yet precise historical overview into that problem space or behaviour. Whilst not as comprehensive as a traditional report, Quick Looks are not without their merits, most notably the speed in which they can be produced. Qualitative data can be gathered and analysed in a short time frame, due to SCL’s experience in conducting such research and its extensive, reliable teams of local in-country researchers.
Standard Polling
SCL provides research that is based on standard electoral polling services, including closed questionnaires, focus group discussions and Internet research. This type of polling focuses on attitudes rather than behaviour and identifies perceptions of Target Groups and key figures and the core issues within a community. Combined with SCL’s other behavioural research products, it can help to provide a fully comprehensive picture of the political, social and cultural landscape.
Operational Fielding
Having established teams of in-country researchers in many countries across the globe, SCL can provide high quality data collection services for organisations, Our in-country researchers are all locals who have been trained by us to conduct qualitative and quantitative research to a very high standard, including SME interviews and psychological interviewing. In addition, we have specialist teams who deal with research in conflict areas, most notably zero-footprint research and research into sensitive topics.

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