Behavioural Influence Planning and Evaluation

Behavioural Influence Planning and Evaluation is ideal for Clients who wish to use Influence to treat a problem, and are in need of a problem space analysis before AB-Target Audience Analysis can be carried out.

Examples of problems SCL has worked on are counter radicalisation, counter violent jihadism, and the reduction of recruitment into terrorist cells, whereby the higher level objectives are clear, but the best Campaign Target Groups and Target Audiences can only be established after conducting a thorough problem space analysis.

SCL specialises in the research aimed at breaking down higher-level Client objectives into behavioural sub-components, which makes it possible to conduct highly focused Target Audience Research and Analysis that yields Intervention Strategies aimed at specific behaviours. Conducting highly targeted Influence Campaigns increases not only the chances that the Campaign will have the desired effects, but also creates the possibility to evaluate the effectiveness of the Campaign through the comparison of Audience Based Measures of Effectiveness with baseline data gathered during AB-TAA.

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