What experience does SCL Defence have?

SCL Defence has an 18-year operating track record and has worked in a varying capacity on more than 50 major (national or pan-regional) strategic communication campaigns worldwide. These include managing campaigns for counter terrorism, counter radicalization, together with campaigns to combat IEDs, drug and women trafficking and programmes for homeland security.

What makes SCL Defence’s communication campaign services stand out?

SCL Defence’s communication campaign services are unique. Unlike our competitors, our services are underpinned by a powerful scientific methodology developed by the Behavioural Dynamics Institute, a leading international centre of excellence in multidisciplinary research, Target Audience Analysis, social influence and strategic communication. Using advanced behavioural protocols, we have the power to diagnose patterns of behaviour and effect measurable behavioural change within key audiences. Put simply, we have the proven ability to persuade people to change their behaviour.

How can SCL Defence help me implement a campaign?

Our scientific approach, based on Target Audience Analysis, allows us to provide detailed profiling of a given audience, including the identification of key ‘drivers’ and ‘switches’, which influence attitudes and command behaviours. Using such knowledge we can then develop effective strategic campaign plans and implement communication campaigns designed to ‘press’ these buttons, thereby ensuring the desired outcome.

How can I be sure that SCL Defence will understand my country and audience groups?

Whilst we would never presume to understand our clients’ countries and situations better than they do themselves, we nevertheless offer unique scientific methodologies that can be applied to any communication scenario and that have a proven track record of delivering results. We work in close partnership with our clients to utilise local knowledge and capabilities at all levels to supplement our expertise and technical know-how. We always use local research teams to ensure that cultural sensitivities are taken into account when conducting field research.

Can I pick and choose different services?

Our services are client oriented. Whilst we offer a fully comprehensive package of research and communication services, ranging from advanced audience research and behavioural analysis, through to a comprehensive strategic campaign formulation and management solution, we tailor our services to suit our client’s individual needs, however small or large they may be.

How quickly can SCL Defence respond to an inquiry?

SCL Defence will respond to general enquiries immediately and can have a Project Manager in country within 24 hours if required.

How can I trust SCL Defence?

SCL is a UK Limited Company with head offices in London. We are committed to ensuring client confidentiality and never release or share information on any of our clients’ activities without their express permission. SCL is a UK government approved commercial body authorised to undertake military and civilian projects for foreign clients. SCL has received ‘List X’ accreditation from the British Government’s Ministry of Defence, the same equivalent to Facility Security Clearance (FSC) used in other countries, which provides us with Government endorsed clearance to handle information protectively marked as ‘confidential’ and above. We have an extensive worldwide track record and enquires can be directed through any British High Commission or Embassy.

How quickly can I expect results?

Our services are always results-oriented. Our scientifically driven approach allows for a clear understanding and measurement of effectiveness, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that the behavioural effects of our services are readily identifiable and measurable.

How much is it going to cost?

Given that our services are tailor-made, our costs vary depending on the extent and level of service our clients require. Generally, we provide fixed costs for specific services, such as Target Audience Analysis.

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