SCL Group is the global leader in data-driven communications. We tailor our services to individual client needs, from advanced data analytics to on-the-ground audience engagement and contact strategies.
Behavioural analysis, 'big data' and psychographics are breaking down traditional audience blocks into their constituent parts: individual people.
With over 25 years’ experience at the forefront of behavioural change communications, we work across the global commercial, social, political and defence sectors. SCL Group offers bespoke data modeling and psychographic target audience analysis to identify and engage with people to move them to action.
"Once advertising becomes totally data-driven, advertisers are going to have to build their own data agencies or partner with data agencies. That's going to be a multibillion-dollar shake-up."
Alexander Nix, Director of SCL Group,Wired Magazine, May 2016
The FCO appointed SCL to do a behavioural study in Pakistan to aid with strategic planning to counter violent jihadism. This six-month target audience analysis produced a series of strategic and operational recommendations for behavioural change communication and any future public awareness campaign strategies.
"SCL were a joy to work with. In a difficult operating environment they were the only contractor to deliver actionable recommendations, which impacted on policy in the near term and the FCO’s strategic direction in country. I wouldn’t only recommend them, I’d work with them again in an instant."
SCL was commissioned to perform an in-depth behaviour change study in relation to violent extremism in South and Southeast Asia. It was a multi-regional study spanning several countries in South Asia and had tight deadlines. Some of the major campaign strategies, which were produced as a result of SCL’s research, included working with local Imams and other community-based organizations.
"SCL’s team were well trained and operated with the utmost professionalism. The complexity of conducting research in different countries was well managed and the analysis and recommendations were of the highest quality. I found SCL easy to work and communicate with, even when the teams were in the field. Communication with them was key and it was well managed from the start. I would happily recommend SCL and work with them again."

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